Thursday, 6 December 2012

Oh dear has it really been that long! Starting again in the New Year

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Catch up!

Have been really busy, WW going resonably well i lost 7lb but now down to 5.5 hope its just fluid!
Got a new handbag from Glenda which really matches my chocolate dress, and my new knecklace and earings - early birthday prezzie from Vikki T - its lovely. Worried about all the work Ive got to do. I just wish I was leaving tomorrow.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Handbag misery and Chocolate glory

Ive walked miles today, well Chatham and Blue Water, Dorethy Perkins dont have the sexy red suede handbag in stock yet:0(
Its a good job Ive done a lot of walking today, met up with Vikki T at BW, we stopped for a coffee! BIG MISTAKE... we went to Carluccios Italian Restaurant. I had a Bicerin - OMG this is a traditional drink from Torino - Expreso coffee, Florentine drinking chocolate and cream. The best bit is that it is served in small jugs for you to mix yourself. Ok so I did a little mixing, a little chocolate, a little cream, a little coffee... ahhhh nice BUT then the devil appeared and I proceeded to drink the chocolate on its own. Then the cream. Then the coffee! Pure decadence. I am now moving to Torino.

Comments ok now

I have changed the settings on making comments so it should now except comments from anyone

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Guest Documents have arrived

A nice little booklet arrived today containing all the do's and don'ts. Length of time in each port, online check-in, Shore excursion info web site address, Travellers checklist, Evening Wear Planner! 8 casual nights /2 Smart casual /3 Formal (Bob is relieved only 3 formal nights!)
But I was mostly drawn to the line under Luggage Allowance -
"Although the limit on how much luggage you may take on board your cruise ship is 200lbs, there are restrictions on any flight you might take".
Were not flying! I think the weight for flying is 33lb, so 200lb sounds much better to me, definitely room for all my handbags, shoes,dresses, makeup,hair rollers etc etc. There are 3 luggage tags each, with our names on and cabin number on Deck 8. So 3 large cases for me then, mind you Bobby has a fair amount of stuff too:0)

Trouble making a comment?

Apparently you need to have a Google or Yahoo email account to make a comment. Im looking into this and I will set up one that people can use to log in and make a comment. Just got to work out how to do!

WW 3rd week

Amazing 3 and a half off. Despite a rather filling evening round Vikki T's - Steak and Kidney pudding indeed - but it was gorgous:o) So running total 6.5 off